Louis Vancouver. Is Vancouver the latest luxury brand?

If we've had the chance to talk in person lately, you'll have heard me say, "Vancouver recently received a great big Louis Vuitton label." Sure, some Chinese buyers are stomping their feet in protest against the Foreign Buyers Tax, and rightly so. No one wants to be told, your money isn't welcome here. But mark my words, Vancouver has become more desirable within this dominant sector of the luxury market. Beyond the mountains and the water, price equals prestige. Plus, since the luxury market drives new builds, this has a huge trickle down affect on the entire real estate economy.

One area where I am less certain, and that has yet to be widely reported on, is China's recent cash outflow crackdown. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the market. Likely less than the story lead indicates. As a former PR professional, I've changed my tune on headlines. I used to love seeing my clients featured in a sizzling news story. Now, I yearn for a more responsible and less sensational approach to reporting. The price of a detached home in North Vancouver has risen by 63% in five years and suddenly it's a crisis because it's held steady since December? Come on! Overall, the trend it still moving in the right direction.

Is that an overly simplified view on everything? Maybe so, but that's my Valentine's K.I.S.S. philosophy.

Keep it simple smartie!