Confessions of a real estate agent.

To all my clients whom I've ever asked to iron a bed sheet, clear the clutter, replace the artwork, depersonalize, power wash, swap out that front door ... I feel your pain. Please forgive me. My husband and I have recently listed our home for sale. What was once a year long to do list, became an exhausting one-week marathon. And we had it easy because our kids were away and couldn't mess up our hard work.

It's true, preparing your home for sale is an arduous task. In fact, I think every real estate professional should put their house on the market once in a while, for a taste of their own medicine. (Although you can't actually sell your own house, you have to get another realtor to sell it for you.) Take it from me, you don't want to rush it. August is historically a slow time for sales. It's a great time for me to take a vacation and perhaps it's a good time for you to take an honest inventory of what you'd need to do to get your home camera-ready. There is plenty information about this online, so I won't bore you with a list of to do's, my number one piece of advice is to plan ahead.

The silver lining is during this process, I've discovered I have a special knack for staging, and my house has never looked better. If you want some advice on preparing your home for its close-up, please give me a call