Does this email make me look fat?

Don't you just love rhetorical questions? Don't answer that. My point is, sometimes you need a second opinion. And, sometimes you don't.

In real estate, especially when you are considering listing your home, GET A SECOND OPINION.
Everyone knows a REALTORĀ® by default. Maybe it's your cousin or the person your kids/parents used, your neighbour or someone you went to high school with. Maybe it's the realtor you used for your last transaction, but you haven't heard from him or her since. He or she may be the right real estate professional for you, however, you're dealing with one of the most important financial and lifestyle decisions of your life. Doesn't it make sense to choose the professional who's the perfect fit for YOU? Someone who understands your neighbourhood, current market trends and gets you and your property.

Feel free to answer that last question, and be sure to call me for a second opinion. Or a first. You'll be glad you did.

Now, here's a quick look at what's going on out there!