So, what's it going to be - bottoms up or bottom out?

At last writing, I lamented "how's the market," vs. "how's Tanis?". Today, the number one question I am asked is, "when will the market bottom out?".

This interview on Global News, with mortgage and investment advisor Peter Kinch, does a darn good job of answering that burning question. His take is, Spring 2019 could be the most important real estate market we'll see in our lifetime. Lofty prediction, I know! He suggests the March federal budget will revisit the mortgage stress test and spring bank mortgage incentives will offer deep discounts on their variable rates. That, combined with softened prices (as much as -30% in West Van), and pent up demand, could get things moving again.

So, sounds like this spring could be a great time to get off the sidelines and buy. So I say, bottoms up!

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